Book of Athyra

Tue Jun 3 06:51:50 PDT 2003

> Which just goes to show again that tastes vary. I enjoyed seeing Vlad
> through Savn's eyes and mind. We'd never seen Vlad from anyone else's
> point of view before (unless you count Kelly, Paresh, et 
> al.'s reactions
> to him, as reported by Vlad himself), and this POV was very different
> from Vlad's and those of anyone else who'd met him.

Additionally, I think it helps dodge the trap that a series to an author,
where the books starting becoming clones of previous books...

I personally enjoy the fact that most of the books that he's written is
"presented" (is that the right word?) in a different way.  Whether it is
telling the story through an unexpected set of eyes (Orca, Athyra, Agyar) or
the non-linear storytelling (Dragon), it keeps the stories from simply being
"old hat" as it were. :)