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David Dyer-Bennet dd-b at dd-b.net
Tue Jun 3 07:35:26 PDT 2003

"Iain E. Davis" <feaelin at kemenel.org> writes:

> > May 2003:
> > 
> > I'm starting to implement Cascading Style Sheets, in hopes 
> > it'll make this hobby a little easier for me, make the site 
> > look more uniform (bit by bit), and give me practice for one 
> > part of my work. Unfortunately, even some of the simple 
> > features of CSS are not supported by some of the major 
> > browsers, but of course. (I use primarily MS Internet 
> > Explorer, but I also test with Netscape and Mozilla. At the 
> > moment Netscape seems to be the worst in this regard.)
> Or supported but badly.  I suggest finding one or two "compatibility" charts
> if you end up fighting with CSS too much.  Hmm. Appears the one I had
> bookmarked no longer exists, but here is another:

Netscape *4* is pretty much hopeless with CSS.  Luckily it's also old
and fairly rare.  More recent Netscape, Mozilla, and even IE are
pretty good.  And of course Opera is good.  So I'm using CSS pretty
freely at this point.

> Also watch out for "oops, it's not working because I didn't do it _exactly_
> right", occasionally I've thought a given browser (usually netscape) didn't
> support the CSS feature I was wanting to use, but it turned out I had sloppy
> syntax, which IE ignored, but Netscape refused to tolerate. :)

Yes, this is a good point.
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