What's New in Cracks and Shards

Tue Jun 3 06:38:48 PDT 2003

> May 2003:
> I'm starting to implement Cascading Style Sheets, in hopes 
> it'll make this hobby a little easier for me, make the site 
> look more uniform (bit by bit), and give me practice for one 
> part of my work. Unfortunately, even some of the simple 
> features of CSS are not supported by some of the major 
> browsers, but of course. (I use primarily MS Internet 
> Explorer, but I also test with Netscape and Mozilla. At the 
> moment Netscape seems to be the worst in this regard.)

Or supported but badly.  I suggest finding one or two "compatibility" charts
if you end up fighting with CSS too much.  Hmm. Appears the one I had
bookmarked no longer exists, but here is another:


I can't attest to its accuracy, having not used that one before.

Also watch out for "oops, it's not working because I didn't do it _exactly_
right", occasionally I've thought a given browser (usually netscape) didn't
support the CSS feature I was wanting to use, but it turned out I had sloppy
syntax, which IE ignored, but Netscape refused to tolerate. :)

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