Book of Athyra

Tue Jun 3 08:54:41 PDT 2003

Iain E. Davis wrote:
> I personally enjoy the fact that most of the books that he's written is
> "presented" (is that the right word?) in a different way.  Whether it is
> telling the story through an unexpected set of eyes (Orca, Athyra, Agyar)
> or the non-linear storytelling (Dragon), it keeps the stories from
> simply being "old hat" as it were. :)

To quote the author (re: Yendi on http://www.dreamcafe.com/books.html)

"It was such a relief to get back to Vlad ... that I didn't pay enough
attention to what I was doing--I just wrote a straight-ahead story with
nothing much else to it. That's fine, in my opinion, if it's a Really Good
Story. But Yendi is only an okay story."

'Course, I've always liked _Yendi_, especially the openning monologue, so
straight-ahead narrative can work, and even for Steve, but yes, more complex
presentations can offer many more opportunities for avoiding old-hatness.