Book of Athyra

Wed Jun 4 08:51:28 PDT 2003

> From: Warlord [mailto:warlord at dragon.com] 

> Someone once argued the opinion that if you are comfortable reading 
> a piece of material, then you are not learning anything.

I'd probably agree with that.  However...one doesn't always want to _learn_
something.  There is a difference between "escape entertainment" and
"entertained intelluctually" I think. :)
> In my opinion, this is why an "acquired taste" is more likely 
> to be a sophisticated one, especially if you did not entirely 
> agree with it before you started to consider it.

In moderation, I'd say this is true.  There are _some_ things one shouldn't
(or possibly can't) acquire a taste for...:).

For me, I like sprinklings of new mixed with a steady diet of the familiar.
:).  If we were talking about food, I wouldn't mind a new dish once in a
while, but something new every day, bleah. :). But then, I'm content if I
had something like meat & potatoes every day...:)