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Here's a question- can there be Morganti non-edged weapons? How about a Morganti flail, or a mace? Yes, I know the Serioli are supoosed to be the makers (as reported by Vlad- let's not get into his relability as a reporter), but does it always have to slice?

Dragaera group members:

Seems to me that a Morganti flail would be hard to come by- even for an elf such as Krager.  That is, if it has been produced and remains.  I propose it might be good to first contribute what comments we've read and remembered about these formidible tools, in order to speculate.  For example, a Morganti's aura can be covered over by too much material, such as a wooden sheath.  A question- is the Morganti blade permanently sharp?  Also- are there not a few untold Great Weapons?

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