. . . please requesting help.*

tyday at phantomemail.com tyday at phantomemail.com
Sun Jun 8 18:38:38 PDT 2003

*Need to know how I can properly switch my _currently subscribed recipiant e-mail address_ to another e-mail address,, please.,,  

1 out of 4 of my e-mail add.'s has usable folders and e-options, although it only occasionally works correctly.  Since I have XP, does not, indeed,, that fact amaze you?

*When I go to access HELP from, <http://dragaera.info/mailing-lists.html>, it could not perform that operation because,, (sic) the default mail client is not properly installed.

Now,, everyone commemmorate a good moment of the past by reperforming it with half the preparations,, or just have a snack.

Thanks, really.

- T

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