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> Great non-Weapons is also a fascinating question. It seems
> like there are any number of things that could qualify as 
> Artifacts, but how are they going to get a soul, if they 
> don't have any Morganti essense to suck one in with?

They obtain it another way, or have it inherently.  The Orb is an example of
getting energy another way...it is clearly an Artifact (if you use the term
to be a powerful tool (magical or otherwise) with a wide variety of
powers)...it draws power from the Great Sea of Chaos, has a wide array of
abilities/features, and is definitely unique.

I received the impression that wizards use staves or wands.  It would not be
surprising to find out the are Artifacts in that category, possibly created
by the best Athyra wizards.  I'd expect them to be rare, and probably either
prized and carefully guarded by their creator or current owner (presumably,
themselves an Athyra wizard).