Mon Jun 9 11:15:07 PDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-06-09 at 14:08, Derrill 'Kisc' Guilbert wrote:
> I would say that wizard staves are less than Artifacts, generally. I would
> imagine that Morrolon and Sethra, for instance, might have staves that could
> qualify as Artifacts, but generally, I would think that every wizard on the
> block isn't capable of creating an Artifact.
> Now, I would define Artifact (with capital A) as something that transends
> the creator in some way. Either they last forever (or a Really Long Time),

Even if Sethra made something that lasted forever, would that really be
transending her? :)

> they are "ultimately" powerful (the orb), they are Unique and useful to many
> people, that sort of thing.
> A wizard's staff, while often powerful, doesn't /generally/ matter beyond
> that particular wizard who created it. The Orb and the Great Weapons have
> been a part of history, to some extent regardless of their users.

Hm.. I think taking all of this into account, we could probablly cound
Sethra Lavode as an Artifact.  Not sure how she'd like to being called
one though :)