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I am having a real problem with this list... is there any chance that
"reply-to" can be set so it goes back to the list by default?

Because otherwise I'm going to start looking REALLY foolish.

Anyway, here is the response that I sent back to him TWICE before managing
to get it to the list.


Hmmm, Glowbug's mace seems to be the one exception to the rule.

Sticks and his clubs still fit in the same universe very nicely... Sticks
uses them with much finesse, which finesse seems to be the thing Steve
prizes most highly.

Which, you know, may feed back into the mace as Morganti weapon discussion.

For the record, I'm thinking that my position is "probably not, but it could
maybe happen in a specific circumstance or for a special reason".

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> Derrill 'Kisc' Guilbert writes:
>   Mr. Brust has said elsewhere that he doesn't like to write about armored
>   dudes, axes, maces, etc.
> He has mentioned blunt weapons, though, like Glowbug's huge mace and
> my favorite character, Sticks and his clubs.
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