How does someone get a link to the Orb

Fri Jun 20 09:20:10 PDT 2003

> I strongly suspect that the Orb will go to whichever person of
> the correct house manages a coup, unless the Emperor personally
> resigns in an orderly transition.
> Of course, if you have the support of your House, your chances of
> a successful coup are much higher, thus the whole Heir business.

I don't understand how anyone can actually launch a successful coup
against an Emperor able to use the Orb, which I believe gives one the
ability to fry anyone linked to it.  Perhaps the link is the result of a
simple spell, leaving a psychic marker that the Orb recognizes.  This
would explain how backwater Tecklas are linked - and possibly how Heirs
are recognized.  Then if say Adron were concerned he was about to get a
lightning bolt downloaded over his link he could just remove or mask it
temporarily.  On the other hand, in a sorcerous fight it would be too easy
to delink an opponent (or the main goal of the fight, in which case Vlad
should have mentioned this to us in say _Taltos_).  Or say the Emperor.
- On the subject of the Orb, it's smart enough to scan anyone under it for
truth - it ought to be smart enough to scan everyone within 100 meters for
a fixed intention to off the Emperor, which would make the end of _FHYA_
an autocoup...