How does someone get a link to the Orb

Fri Jun 20 10:36:28 PDT 2003

On Fri, Jun 20, 2003 at 09:20:10AM -0700, Philip Hart <philiph at SLAC.Stanford.EDU> wrote:
> > I strongly suspect that the Orb will go to whichever person of
> > the correct house manages a coup, unless the Emperor personally
> > resigns in an orderly transition.
> > Of course, if you have the support of your House, your chances of
> > a successful coup are much higher, thus the whole Heir business.
> I don't understand how anyone can actually launch a successful coup
> against an Emperor able to use the Orb, which I believe gives one the
> ability to fry anyone linked to it.  

See Adron's hissy-cow.

> Perhaps the link is the result of a
> simple spell, leaving a psychic marker that the Orb recognizes.  This
> would explain how backwater Tecklas are linked - and possibly how Heirs
> are recognized.  

I expect the basic link works like this -- someone performs a 
spell on new citizens at some point.  It may even have some kind 
of "this is the designated Heir of House x" marker included.  But 
I don't think that's how the Orb would actually choose.  
Otherwise, *we would see successful coups*.  Instead, like the 
mandate of heaven, the Orb chooses based on whoever succeeds in 
taking the throne -- so long as they have a member of the right 

In an orderly transition, of course, this will coincide perfectly 
with the chosen Heir of the house.  Only in unusual situations 
would things be otherwise.

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