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>> Warning, nitpicks ahead!
> And wrong, at that:
>>> And we sorta saw a 'normal' transition after the death of
>>> an Emperor(ess).  After Tortaalik's death, the Orb did 
>>> stop and process for a moment to determine who the next 
>>> Emperor should be, and settled on Andron.
>> No, the Orb never had a chance to choose anyone.  Aliera
>> tried to claim it in her father's name, but it rejected 
>> her (or maybe that was its first reaction to Adron's 
>> spell).  Adron could not be Emperor becuase the cycle 
>> hadn't turned yet.
> We've talked about this recently - the Orb picks Adron. 
> The Disaster is caused by his spell trying to wrest control 
> of the Orb from the Emperor and give it to himself - but it 
> segevs since he himself is the Emperor, at least in his 
> view and Tazendra's. 

Does Tazendra talk about this during TPOD?  (Time for a 
reread I guess.)  Not that it matters, only Adron and the Orb
have firsthand knowledge, and Paarfi can't interview Adron.
And for Adron to be Emperor, the Cycle has to turn to Dragon,
something *Paarfi* explicitly states didn't happen[1].  This 
means either Paarfi doesn't believe Adron's claim, or he
simply doesn't realise he contradicted himself (again: see
Khaavren's trial in TPG).

[1] I can't find which page.  David, if you have this already
scanned in, I think the line contains the phrase "possibility
no one".