How does someone get a link to the Orb

Mon Jun 23 01:30:32 PDT 2003

Philip Hart wrote on 22 Jun 2003:

>They obstruct Khaavren on Imperial business; and at the end of the novel
>they are in obvious rebellion.  Here's part 2 of my anti-coup theory
>(which may just be my Tortaalik is an idiot theory) - couldn't the Emperor
>instead of the Instafry feature use a "delisting" figure and simply remove
>the Orb privileges of anyone in rebellion?

In FHYA Sethra said that she has fighted with the Empire (or the Emperor, I 
do not remember well and I'm lazy to look for it) as well as against it, but 
never against the cycle. I do not think that even Sethra would win in a 
battle between a rebel army sorceryless against the Imperial army with all 
its magical power ready. In fact, when she explained in Dragon the military 
use of sorcery, it results that it is not so important because it is 
balanced by the opponent use of it. Therefore, if there is no sorcery in one 
side there wouldn't be any chance to win, would it? It can be said that 
Sethra is the best general never existed, but it does not mean that she is 
invencible against all the odds.

On the other, it may be thought that the Orb would not allow the current 
Emperor to broke the rebel's link just if the cycle has turned.

In this case, it will mean that it is an ultimate measure because it will be 
the only real test of the exact Cycla phase (well, there is  second test, 
but it implies going to hte Path of the Deaths and chech the wheel, and its 
quite tricky), so if the Emperor try it and he didn't manage, everybody who 
know his try will be aware that the rebellion is rightfull because the cycle 
has changed.

According to old Ockham I think that the link cannot be broken as a 
punishment or attack but just in really special situations.

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