How does someone get a link to the Orb

Mon Jun 23 08:20:39 PDT 2003

On Mon, 23 Jun 2003, Iván Rebollo wrote:
> On the other, it may be thought that the Orb would not allow the current
> Emperor to broke the rebel's link just if the cycle has turned.

As we eventually learn, the Cycle didn't turn (under the one-way theory).

> In this case, it will mean that it is an ultimate measure because it will be
> the only real test of the exact Cycla phase (well, there is  second test,
> but it implies going to hte Path of the Deaths and chech the wheel, and its
> quite tricky), so if the Emperor try it and he didn't manage, everybody who
> know his try will be aware that the rebellion is rightfull because the cycle
> has changed.
> According to old Ockham I think that the link cannot be broken as a
> punishment or attack but just in really special situations.

Occam's razor tells me that your "ultimate measure" test can't be right
because it would have been urged on Tortaalik or at least mentioned in the
Aerich/Adron discussion of pride.  If the portent-haunted end of the 17th
Cycle isn't a special situation, what would be?

New theory: the Disaster wasn't Adron's fault - he was manipulated into it
by the Cycle, which wanted to get its (minions) hands on the Orb, to
establish a Lesser Sea of Chaos (for future use against the J., perhaps),
and to get rid of dingy old Dragaera City with its out-moded architecture.