How does someone get a link to the Orb

Mon Jun 23 09:22:07 PDT 2003

ON Monday 23, Philip Hart wrote:

> > In this case, it will mean that it is an ultimate measure because it 
>will be
> > the only real test of the exact Cycla phase (well, there is  second 
> > but it implies going to hte Path of the Deaths and chech the wheel, and 
> > quite tricky), so if the Emperor try it and he didn't manage, everybody 
> > know his try will be aware that the rebellion is rightfull because the 
> > has changed.
> >
> > According to old Ockham I think that the link cannot be broken as a
> > punishment or attack but just in really special situations.
>Occam's razor tells me that your "ultimate measure" test can't be right
>because it would have been urged on Tortaalik or at least mentioned in the
>Aerich/Adron discussion of pride.  If the portent-haunted end of the 17th
>Cycle isn't a special situation, what would be?

That's my point,although I didn't express it properly; if Tortaalik could 
have broken the link of Adronn with the Orb he would have done it, wouldn't 

When I said that it can be broken just in really special situations I wasn't 
thinking about the Emperor but in Verra and her fellows. Well, in fact I was 
thinking in Mr. Burst, who is able to broke the link and anything he wants, 
especially if we agree that it cannot be broken. :)

>New theory: the Disaster wasn't Adron's fault - he was manipulated into it
>by the Cycle, which wanted to get its (minions) hands on the Orb, to
>establish a Lesser Sea of Chaos (for future use against the J., perhaps),
>and to get rid of dingy old Dragaera City with its out-moded architecture.

Interesting, it introduces a sensitive aspect of the cycle that I haven't 
seen discussed here, despite we have discussed the sensitiveness of Great 
Weapons, Spellbreaker, Artifacts and even of some of the members of this 
mail list.

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