Irregular verbs

Mon Jun 23 03:38:38 PDT 2003

Thank you very much. It is really nice from you, really.

I try to read twice my messages before I send them, but as long as I do not 
use a correction tool it is impossible not making mistakes.

Regarding this, I must thank all you because even when I ask you questions 
that at least for an english-speaker may sound quite silly, you allways make 
the effort to answer me.

Therefore if any of you need any help in Spanish or Catalonian, here I am :)


>From: "Casey Rousseau" <casey at trinityhartford.org>
>To: 'Iván Rebollo' <ivanrebollo at hotmail.com>
>Subject: Irregular verbs
>Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 06:13:50 -0400
>You wrote:
> > In FHYA Sethra said that she has fighted with the Empire (or
>Your English is usually quit good, though this wasn't your only grammatical
>error in this post, but this particular verb can be tricky.  The key is 
>the past participle of fight is fought.  After you get that, it's not too
>to fight
>She will fight
>She fights
>She fought
>She was fighting
>She has fought
>She would fight
>She has been fighting
>She had fought

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