Half-breed citizenship

Kenneth Gorelick pulmon at comcast.net
Mon Jun 23 19:46:37 PDT 2003

The Dragon-Jhereg half-breed is atypical since there is no genetic 
"Jhereg". A Jhereg can be a genetic Dragon--how would a Dragon 
geneticist figure that out?
On Friday, June 20, 2003, at 09:57 AM, Casey Rousseau wrote:

> Jag wrote:
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>> be, or maybe the social structure was to new and delicate then to try 
>> to
>> figure out where to fit in such people.  Either way, I'm sure that the
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> Consider for a moment a Dragon-Jhereg half-breed during a Phoenix 
> Reign.  Should s/he be accorded the social standing of a Dragon (High) 
> or a Jhereg (Low).  What about if it was during a Vallista reign?
> I wonder how much the "unacceptance of half-breeds" that we see in the 
> books is a product of where we are in the Cycle (Phoenix reign 
> throughout).  Since the only truly "open" Houses are Jhereg, which is 
> at the bottom of the wheel, and Teckla, which is descending and has a 
> _long_ time to wait for their next reign, it may be that half-breeds 
> are simply being assigned the social status of members of these two 
> houses.
> Casey