David Silberstein davids at kithrup.com
Sat Jun 28 11:16:25 PDT 2003

On Sat, 28 Jun 2003, Don Easterly wrote:

>Was there no point in FHYA or TPG that Tazendra and Sethra were
>either on the opposite sides of a battle or duel?  Time for me to
>re-read I guess, because I don't recall..... 

Absolutely not.

Sethra did not appear at all in tPG (although some of her history is
obliquely referred to, c.f. the Lavode Scandal).

In FHYA, Sethra meets Tazendra, but treats her with a great deal of
sensitivity, and there's a rather moving scene where the two of them
are examining the room of the deceased Gyorg Lavode (who was also a
Dzur).  There's the suggestion they become friends.

You may be thinking of Sethra's interaction with Aliera, whom she
baits (in order to provoke challenges to duels), and then distracts
(so as to calm her down) (or sometimes they are distracted by external
events).  This happens several times through the story, and is rather
amusing to watch. 

Sethra's real skill is that she knows how to handle people from each
of the 17 Dragaeran Houses.  She has a bit of trouble with Easterners,