Sat Jun 28 11:52:23 PDT 2003

> Sethra's real skill is that she knows how to handle people from each
> of the 17 Dragaeran Houses.

Not that I doubt she has mad people skills, given her skills track record,
but we haven't seen her interact much with non-Dzurs or Dragons (of which
she shares some facial characteristics), have we?  In fact, if you believe
Paarfi, she does a bad job with Phoenixes - her embassy to Tortaalik is
presented in such a manner as to nearly insure he will turn her down.
She could have led with "I have a plan under which Adron will resign his
Heirship."  She might have followed with "Aliera will not be the Heir in
his place."  Note that this lends some marginal credence to my Sethra-
offed-Tortaalik-and-framed-Mario theory (which I should note deals with
two points in _FHYA_ which make me a bit queasy - Sethra's being stupid
enough to explain, even sotto voce, how to kill the Emperor, and her
allowing this info to be published.  My less speculative explanations for
these points being that as even Homer nods, Sethra screws up; and that she
knows this feature of the Orb was fixed in the Paths.)

> She has a bit of trouble with Easterners, though.

She seems to handle Vlad very well, except I think for the beginning of
_Taltos_, where perhaps she was pretending (not in the Paarfian sense)
to be ignorant of Eastern mores as part of Kiera's cover strategy.