Half-breed citizenship

Derrill 'Kisc' Guilbert kisc at insaneninjahero.com
Mon Jun 30 10:25:48 PDT 2003

I got the impression early on that Dragaerans choose when they're going to
get pregnant. I don't remember the original reference saying anything about
sorcery, but then, I don't remember what the original reference is, either.

So, my question at this point becomes... am I the only one that still thinks
it is just some extra control they have over their body?

I've left out some other things that I thought to use to support my
arguement, because I vowed to lurk for a while until I catch up with you
people, but I had to ask that bit.


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> > Note that in _TPotD_ we see people living (in sin or out) together
> > without sorcery but presumably with nookie and yet not procreating.
> > Sounds a lot like a QED should follow.
> It is suggestive evidence, though far from proof.  Presumably, even in the
> absence of sorcery, they know what activities are (and are not)
> responsible
> for making babies.  There are a variety of low-to-no-risk varieties of
> "whoopie" available to open-minded adults.  Well, there are for humans
> at least, and it seems likely that that would carry over to Dragaerans
> as well.
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