Half-breed citizenship

Mon Jun 30 11:26:42 PDT 2003

>On Mon, 30 Jun 2003, Derrill 'Kisc' Guilbert wrote:
> > I got the impression early on that Dragaerans choose when they're going 
> > get pregnant. I don't remember the original reference saying anything 
> > sorcery, but then, I don't remember what the original reference is, 
> >
> > So, my question at this point becomes... am I the only one that still 
> > it is just some extra control they have over their body?

Nope, I agree with you regarding once again the half-breed.

Supose that the whole matter of pregnancy control is related to sorcery: 
according to FHYA (I haven't read yet POTD) it was quite ussual to have 
affairs between different houses, so during the interrregnum it should have 
been very usual to have half-breed from this realtions and during the Vlad's 
time there should have been more half-breed than it appears: I think that 
the only half-breed mentioned in Vlad's books (don't count Sethra) is the 
guy in _Jhereg_ (do not remeber its name and I have lost my copy, sorry). 
Therefore, I guess that, if there are not a lot of young half-breed in 
Dragaera, the pregnancy control cannot be sorcery-related.

> >
> > I've left out some other things that I thought to use to support my
> > arguement, because I vowed to lurk for a while until I catch up with you
> > people, but I had to ask that bit.
> >
> > Kisc
> >

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