We need an RPG

Derrill 'Kisc' Guilbert kisc at insaneninjahero.com
Mon Jun 30 22:43:50 PDT 2003

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> CRPG's are pretty costly, and the video game market has 'gone hollywood',
> where development of stuff that isn't going to make HUGE amounts of money
> isn't worth the development cost.
> However, It might be doable with the Neverwinter Nights toolset.
> I enjoy the
> game quite a bit, but I'm not very familiar with the tools that come with
> the game. Short version is that you can make your own maps and stories and
> then get them sent to other players on the internet. The game is even
> multiplayer, although not massively.
> There are limitations on what the game company will allow since they don't
> want to be involved with any intellectual property battles, so that would
> have to be tackled first... but if you want one done, that is the easiest
> way to a quality Dragaera CRPG.
> -Greg Schwartz

Now if I can just convince someone else to do it.

Like I said in another response, I've got a lazy streak when it comes to
other people's stories. Plus, what I really want is a chance to be in that
world. I haven't spent THAT much time with the toolset, but I don't think it
will let me create a different magic schema.