We need an RPG

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Thanks for the clarification. I have been a fan of Brust/Dragaera for 
many years, but despite my regular use of a computer in work and 
communication, I have never played games on one. Dungeons and Dragons 
came in way after my time...

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> I just know I'm going to regret this but...
> RPG sometimes stands for Role-Playing Game, such as Dungeons and 
> Dragons,
> Vampire the Masquerade, etc. It is the kind of game, whether Pen and 
> Paper
> (PnP) or CRPG (Computer Role-Playing Game) where you take on the role 
> of
> someone else (for instance, in your post, where you take on the role of
> someone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, whether you are 
> serious or
> not). The essential component of an RPG (as opposed to every other 
> sort of
> game where you take on the role of someone else) seems to be the
> customizability of the experience... contrasted to an FPS (first person
> shooter) where you generally are just a Space Marine without skills, 
> etc,
> and there is only one path throught the game, in an RPG, you can 
> generally
> choose whether to be good or evil, Wizard or Warrior (or Technolgist or
> Gunslinger, depending on the sort of game), etc, which may change the 
> play
> experience dramatically. In addition, many RPG style games are heavily 
> story
> oriented. Again, contrasting with Doom/Quake... In Quake, you're a 
> space
> marine, and you have to kill all the bad guys, get to the big bad guy, 
> and
> that's the game. In an RPG, you are trying to discover something, or 
> solve
> something, and you have to pay attention to whatever you're told, as 
> those
> sorts of hints may be important (or vital) to completing the game (or
> completing it in a certain fashion).Many games, such as the Jedi Knight
> series, blur the classification process by having elements of RPGs, 
> FPSs,
> etc, in order to bring the best experience possible to the folks who 
> play
> the games.
> As with many FPS style games, in some RPGs, you can use an RPG.
> Kisc
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>> color me naive, but what does a rocket-propelled grenade have to do
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