We need an RPG

Mon Jun 30 19:38:40 PDT 2003

> Mr. Brust, if you were to, say, get in touch with http://www.bioware.com and
> work with them to make a video game based on the Taltos universe, I would
> pre-order it RIGHT NOW.

Maybe it's because I'm not a computer gamer, but I don't see the appeal.
What would the license add to the game?

Now an pen and paper RPG, that'd be a different story.  (Hmm, actually,
I seem to recall Mr. Brust having a chat on Pyramid (
http://www.sjgames.com/pryamid/ ) [It's how I discovered his books], and
I'm sure the topic would have come up.  Time to see if I can locate that
log. )

SwiftOne  /  Brett Sanger
swiftone at swiftone.org