Vlad's choice of terms

Chris Olson - SunPS Chrisf.Olson at Sun.COM
Tue Apr 8 10:02:30 PDT 2003

> I'm a little late, here ... but "hissy-cow" looks like it might be a 
> combination of "hissy fit" (a temper tantrum) and "have a cow" 
> (to become angry or upset).

Yes, I'm sure it is.  And I don't care if it's a
translation problem between Brust, Brust, and Vlad.

It's still funny as hell.

And the fact that Sethra likes it, and that Adron's Disaster
could be summed up as Adron having a hissy-cow and destroying
the Empire....

"Never underestimate the power of the Hissy-Cow."

Adron's Disaster just proves:  One should only use the power
of the Hissy-Cow for Good<tm>!

Chris (Who has used the term a few times since first reading it.:)

"You are indefatigable in your dogged pursuit of normality."