Sethra (was: Foreheads)

Chris Olson - SunPS Chrisf.Olson at Sun.COM
Fri Apr 11 13:47:22 PDT 2003

> Where's your sense of adventure?

I'm not sure.  I lost it a few years ago.  I think
it took off at the same time an ex of mine did.  Maybe
she stole it....

Besides, we're talking about someone who turns people into
Norska because they're trying to storm her castle.  Goddess
forbid I forget a safeword at the wrong time, ya know?  Who
knows what might go missing or be turned into something else....

Okay, I need to stop now, before I go where mortals should never
dare tread.... <grin>

Chris (Who has a perfectly dangerous sense of adventure, and chooses
	to ignore it...:)
"Life is the nightmare that leaves its mark upon you
in order to prove that it is, in fact, real."
	-Thomas Ligotti- 'The Sect of the Idiot'