Secret Yendi Signals

Sat Apr 12 07:58:34 PDT 2003

Small tPotD spoilers

Hi, long time lurker, etc.

I was re-reading tPotD when something caught my eye. On page 310, when Pel arrives at Dzur Mountain, he meets the Sorceress in Green.

"The Sorceress studied him, then abruptly sheathed her sword and made a certain motion with the fingers of her left hand. Upon seeing this, Pel, his eyes widening slightly, made a similar yet different motion with the fingers of his left hand, after which the Sorceress said, 'Follow me, then, my lord Galstan.'"

Then, as they meet with Sethra, the Sorceress asks if Sethra was aware that Pel is a Yendi. But when Pel introduced himself to the Sorceress, he called himself the Duke of Galstan and didn't mention a house. So it seems the Yendi use hand signals to identify themselves to one another.

So what information is contained in the signals? Rank, maybe? If it was just a house identifier, presumably the signals would be the same. 

I just thought I'd point this out for anyone else who tends to miss small things like this, since I was very happy to have found it. :) If someone else has already pointed this out, my apologies.