Slightly OT: Game Software toolkits

Sat Apr 12 07:16:11 PDT 2003

A few months ago there was a discussion about games and patents. I
mentioned that a buddy of mine had applied for a patent on a game he had
created. Well, the patent has actually been approved, and now he wants
to put it on the Web, naturally!  It's a board game that has elements
that are similar to monopoly combined with elements from the RPG world.
I can't say more than that at this point, for obvious reasons.<g>  He's
asked me to develop the web application, but I have never built this
kind of thing before so I'm looking for suggestions for toolkits to
build the Client application to run in a browser, using either Java or
MM Flash or the like. My intent is to build something similar to the
online Monopoly games that I have seen. Does anybody have any
recommendations? Since the development language that I use everyday will
now support true preemptive threading, I will probably use it to build
the server side engine.



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