question about Orlaan - _The Paths of the Dead_ Spoiler

Mon Apr 14 14:21:23 PDT 2003

Could someone enlighten me about Orlaan/Grita?  She's Garland's daughter
by Sennya, we learn in _FHYA_.  On page 230 of that work, he instructs her
to infiltrate Adron's encampment - apparently she is able to do so by
doing something distasteful - presumably pass as a Dragon.  In _tPotD_
she implies to Piro that she has bathed in the (lesser) sea of chaos.
According to Aliera in _Jhereg_, this means she has the e'Kieron genes
required.  (Also I wondered a bit that Orlaan seems more fluent with elder
sorcery than Aliera does in _Phoenix_.)  Anyway, it's revealed in _FHYA_
that she is a Dzur/Tsalmoth hybrid, but where is the Dragon part?
Another question - her father goes by Greycat - a reference to his dzur
connection?  Finally, how is it that she survived the Disaster?  She rides
off after the remnant of the brigand band while Khaavren&Co sneak into
Adron's tent, and then earlier than 20-30 minutes - "too soon", says Adron
- kaboom.  In _tPG_ there is a description of the now non-existent sights
outside the city, quite a lot of them.  Well, anyway, I'm thinking it was
a close call or perhaps she survived because of her genetics...