question about Orlaan - _The Paths of the Dead_ Spoiler

Tue Apr 15 07:26:21 PDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-04-14 at 17:21, Philip Hart wrote:
> Could someone enlighten me about Orlaan/Grita?  She's Garland's daughter
> by Sennya, we learn in _FHYA_.  On page 230 of that work, he instructs her
> to infiltrate Adron's encampment - apparently she is able to do so by
> doing something distasteful - presumably pass as a Dragon.

Am I the only person who thought that meant prostitution?  Or is that
answer just to obvious?

> In _tPotD_
> she implies to Piro that she has bathed in the (lesser) sea of chaos.
> According to Aliera in _Jhereg_, this means she has the e'Kieron genes
> required.

No, e'Kieron genes are required to create raw chaos, not to control raw
chaos.  Its just that even if you can, you shouldn't create raw chaos
unless you understand it well enough to bathe in a sea of chaos.

>   (Also I wondered a bit that Orlaan seems more fluent with elder
> sorcery than Aliera does in _Phoenix_.)

Orlaan was around for the entire Interregnum working on elder sorcery as
a way of having some sort of sorcery.  Aliera was never alive with a
body and able to practice sorcery when there wasn't an Orb around.

>  Anyway, it's revealed in _FHYA_
> that she is a Dzur/Tsalmoth hybrid, but where is the Dragon part?

Read above.  No dragon part requires.