I have an extra copy of The Paths of the Dead

Fri Apr 25 08:37:36 PDT 2003

I don't know... Loaning out the books rather than have everyone buy
their own copy may seriously compromise SB's goal of one day playing
$100-$200 hold'em.
Do we really want that on our conscience?

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Casy Wrote:
> 4) Establish a permanent lending copy, put a dedication in
> the book requiring it to be sent along to a list of people.  
> When the list is exhausted, the book would be returned to me. 
>  At that point, I'd probably donate my other copy to a local library.

Interesting idea.  I'd be inclined toward this one, possibly with an eye
for it going on indefinitely..

How far out of your area were you thinking? I wouldn't be surprised if
you could come up with an easy list from the list members, since I
believe there are folks who haven't had access to a copy yet (for
whatever reason).