I have an extra copy of The Paths of the Dead

Fri Apr 25 09:33:23 PDT 2003

Iain E. Davis asked:
> How far out of your area were you thinking? I wouldn't be surprised if
> you could come up with an easy list from the list members, since I
> believe there are folks who haven't had access to a copy yet (for
> whatever reason).

I was planning to pretty much restrict it to members of this list.  I have
some vague ideas of asking people to state that they intend to purchase a
copy in the future, but that they are unable to do so at this time.  As for
how far out of the area, I was looking for some feedback first, but the idea
I had was to ask everyone to commit to paying for postage to send the book
to the next person on the list.  I'd probably send it to the farthest person
myself first and arrange the list in a least cost order to the extent that
distance would factor into the shipping cost.

> I don't know... Loaning out the books rather than have everyone buy
> their own copy may seriously compromise SB's goal of one day playing
> $100-$200 hold'em.
> Do we really want that on our conscience?

a) I am soliciting reaction to an idea before implementing it.  If, for
example, Steve were to ask me not to pursue this option, I would honor that

b) I bought an extra hardcover copy within days of it being available.  To
the extent that I can, I have already contributed to the demand curve for
Steve's books.  I'll note that I have been purchasing his books since 1983
and have four of them in hard cover, plus omnibus trade paper editions for
rereading (and lending) the Ace Vlad novels, because my first printing
paperbacks are too precious and fragile to continue to read.

c) I presume that members of this list want to reread the texts often enough
to eventually purchase a copy when finances and availability permit.  Hmm.
Looks like the mass-market edition will be available in August.  $8.

d) I've waited several months.  I was originally going to give the extra
copy to a friend for Christmas.  They bought a copy for themselves.

e) I doubt I'd do this again.  I can't afford to buy multiple hardcover
copies of every book.