Dragaera list: OT: suggestion for the list

Wed Apr 30 01:16:11 PDT 2003

> I would like to suggest that all Users to the list prefix their subject 
> line similarly to the subjectline of this email (or some variation).   I 

Sounds like a great idea.  You have now suggested it.  I think
the idea itself is either

1) Silly
2) Stupid

Depending on how sensitive I'm trying to be.  :)

> In the past, I know I have been guilty of deleting valid Dragaera list 
> email, because the subject line looked too much like Spam.

This is likely to turn into a huge discussion of how to determine
if things are spam or not.  However, I would offer a simple

- Whitelist all email that is either To or CC to dragaera at dragaera.info

A more complex solution would be to do something like
SpamAssassin (http://spamassassin.org) integrating 
things like Razor (http://razor.sourceforge.net) and Bogofilter

Others will suggest TMDA (http://tmda.sourceforge.net), another
good solution...BUT you had damn well better whitelist the
list in that case, because to do otherwise is assinine.  
(And I've seen it a lot)

These are relatively easy to install in varying forms, depending
on how good your relatives are.  :)

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