Book of Athyra

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Sat May 3 16:18:43 PDT 2003

David Silberstein <davids at kithrup.com> writes:

[Vlad's missing finger]

> Another possibility is that they're *all* true, to some 
> extent - a heavy weight crushes his little finger, which 
> makes him clumsy enough that the open-hand parry, occuring 
> fairly shortly thereafter, severs a large chunk of the 
> finger, and finally, the sorceror's spell destroys the last 
> bit.
> It might make for an engaging story, how seventeen 
> different mishaps occur to him, one after the other, 
> damaging and taking off little bits of his little finger, 
> where the final outcome is of course no finger at all.

Vlad Taltos is an alternate universe version of James Nicoll?

>    "I stared at my bandaged hand.  If I were superstitious, 
>     I might suppose that fate or the gods were trying to 
>     tell me something.
>     I thought of giving the gods - or fate - a somewhat 
>     different finger, but decided against it on the grounds 
>     that they might indeed take offense, and /that/ finger 
>     as well."