Hand to Hand cross spieces fighting

Sun May 4 14:39:05 PDT 2003

I just had an absurd notion as you may figure from the subject line. You see I have never seen a Dragaeran aside from my minds eye, which can deceive me sometimes. I happened upon the notion of what it would look like to see an Easterner like Vlad trying to punch a Dragaeran in the face. The closest facsimile I can come up with is a 13-year-old kid lunging up to hit an adult sized person. I'm sure there are all kinds of tactics one could use to take head shots at someone whom is quite taller than you but it would seem wrestling tactics (not WWF, but what you'd see in high school wrestling) where it seems short squat and bulky often has an advantage over tall and lanky, though again that could be my perception deceiving me. It makes me think that most conventional fist fighting is hard to achieve against such larger opponents. Anyways though it was worth a word or two.

-This Sig is clearly a waste of your time.