Hand to Hand cross spieces fighting

Sun May 4 18:12:10 PDT 2003

> All of a sudden, instead of seeing the flippant, poised, casual smack in
> face I'd always pictured in my head when Vlad hits someone, I'm seeing a
> little monkey desperately jumping up and down and swiping - like a little
> kid who wants to touch the top of a doorway (did you do that when you were
> kid?)

Admintantly I was quite short as a kid as well and that afflicted me also.

> *strikes post of tragic woe* Gametech, you've ruined my hero in my own
> - how do you feel? ;)

Well you see now how I could feel a little cross when the thought struck me.
This is my theory to why Vlad uses so many weapons (or extensions if you
want to look at it that way) It also make me think that most of the hand to
hand technique Vlad has is more engineered towards defense (as many martial
arts are).

- This Sig is still a waste of your time.