Hand to Hand cross spieces fighting

Sun May 4 16:26:56 PDT 2003

"Gametech" wrote:
I happened upon the notion of what it would look like to see an Easterner 
like Vlad trying to punch a Dragaeran in the face. The closest facsimile I 
can come up with is a 13-year-old kid lunging up to hit an adult sized 

I've always been short - I'm only 5'7" now (which for a male in Australia is 
quite short) - but when I was 13 I was 4'11" To hit people half a foot 
taller than me in the face (not, mind you, that this was a daily occurence) 
required a kind of leaping over-hand swing, which, upon reflection must have 
looked kind of like a monkey trying to reah a particularly high banana. Now 
that I've thought about it, I'm having a hard time trying to picture Vlad 
ever accomplishing this with the easy grace and nonchalant violence that 
I've always imagined him to have.

All of a sudden, instead of seeing the flippant, poised, casual smack in the 
face I'd always pictured in my head when Vlad hits someone, I'm seeing a 
little monkey desperately jumping up and down and swiping - like a little 
kid who wants to touch the top of a doorway (did you do that when you were a 

*strikes post of tragic woe* Gametech, you've ruined my hero in my own eyes 
- how do you feel? ;)


PS. Hi everyone - I'm new here - please be gentle with me - I'm little...

"It is a fool's prerogative to utter truths that no-one else will speak."

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