Spoilers- PotD and Issola

Chris Olson - SunPS Chrisf.Olson at Sun.COM
Wed May 7 11:00:52 PDT 2003

> Spoilers- PotD and Issola
> A question- When Does the Interregnum end? When Zerika emerges from the 
> Paths with the Orb?
> or when she is formally Empress over all the pre-Disaster lands claimed by 
> the Empire?
> It sems to me that sometimes the Interregnum is referred to as ending when 
> she comes out of the Paths, and I think (not currently certain) that PotD 
> sufforts that view, whereas in Issola, Lady Teldra's story about Morrolan as 
> division commander seems to imply that the big I wasn't over until sometime 
> after Zerika emerged.

I think, as most views from Dragaera, that it depends on who you ask.
Orbly-speaking, it ended when Zerika brought the Orb back from the
Paths.  At least, that's when the Orb started functioning again and
allowing citizens to draw on it for spells, check the Orb-Watch, etc.

However, the Interregnum might not have "officially" ended until Zerika
took back the throne.  Again, I believe it depends on who is answering
the question.

'Course, maybe, in Zerika's mind, it didn't *really* end until Zerika was
able to sit down and enjoy a glass of Dead Bodies and Seaweed....

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