Spoilers- PotD and Issola

Thu May 8 01:34:46 PDT 2003

On Wed, 7 May 2003, Steven Brust wrote:

> At 10:51 AM 5/7/2003 -0700, James Griffin wrote:
> >Spoilers- PotD and Issola
> >A question- When Does the Interregnum end? When Zerika emerges from the
> >Paths with the Orb?
> >or when she is formally Empress over all the pre-Disaster lands claimed by
> >the Empire?
> Funny--Paarfi was wondering the same thing.

Given that Paarfi is a Hawk, I wonder what he does while he wonders -
presumably he doesn't walk, knit, or sharpen a sword. Probably he
lolls in a hot tub full of nubile history groupies, if Dragaerans
can be nubile in the non-dictionary sense.