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Thu Oct 6 20:24:07 PDT 2005

How about a party at Castle Black?

   "Morrolan had arranged for confections from Nacine, where there
were two quite respectable bakers.  In addition, he had imported
creepers from the Shallow Sea, squabs from the Southern Coast, beef
and kethna from the surrounding peasants (prepared by chefs discovered 
and recommended by Teldra), and wines from as far away as Aerethia.  
For entertainment, he had raided both Hartre and Adrilankha for 
instrumentalists, singers, and jongleurs, as well as bringing in
several of the local peasant orchestras, with their traditional 
instrumentation of violin, bagpipe, fretted demkor, and slimwhistle.
There were, as well, a number of cittern players, some of them 
quite skilled, others only providing accompaniment for their voices,
which in these cases was never less than pleasant."
Sethra Lavode, paperback, Chapter the Seventy-Fourth, page 65