Scott Schultz scott
Fri Oct 7 09:27:44 PDT 2005

She had been trained, the reader ought to
understand, at the same Valabar's Restaurant that still exists in 
Adrilankha today, and from which those most concerned with 
victualing still hire, or attempt to hire, the cooking staff; it
being said that a man who has cleaned tables at Valabar's will 
absorb more of the art of cooking than the head chef for any 
other inn or tavern in the Empire;

I'd not thought about it before, but this gives the impression that
Valabar's maintains a good-sized staff of Dragaeran employees, including the
cooking staff. I'd always pegged Valabar's as a "family" restaurant where
the staff would be nearly entirely Eastern. I figured that the Valabar's did
the cooking and management while their cousins and other indirect extended
family took care of the more menial tasks.

No big revelations there. It just makes me wonder what Valabar's is really
like inside.