Carolyn P. bowofanariel
Mon Oct 10 02:04:52 PDT 2005

Man I have been trying to catch up on the list for an eternity
hello i am a Lurker on the Threshold
or some such silly thing
i dont post much because i usually dont have much to say but
I have seen Serenity twice now since it opened, and will go a third time this week. I cannot tell you how much I squee-ed when Mr Brust told me he had been a Firefly fan for some time, and I gasped and squee-ed some more when I heard he was writing a Firefly novel. This is a really cheeseball thing to say but for me watching Serenity was like coming home after a long hard trip away. It is a Joy to watch and listen to. did anyone else notice the soundtrack is absolutely incredible awesome? ok i will save the rest of my ravings for a Firefly board. thanks for listening
Goodbye and Hello