More Dragaera Art, Pro and Amateur

Davdi Silverrock davdisil at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 11:47:41 PDT 2005

On a recent Google for Brust-related stuff, I found several hits for
some art which I had not yet seen before, and I thought I'd see if
perhaps anyone on the list was interested.

Despite the site name "Deviant Art" has nothing particularly deviant
(unless you go looking for it, perhaps). These images are completely
work-safe.  They are also reduced in size; you can easily zoom them
larger if you feel so inclined.

These two links are for art for some of the Turkish covers SKZB's
books.  The artist, Kerim Beyit, appears to have made these available
on multiple graphic-art websites; or perhaps the sites are somehow
interconnected (if you search on "Beyit Brust", you will find multiple
hits for these two pieces).  Anyway:

Jhereg (cover for /Dragon/):


Rocza & Loiosh (cover for /Issola/):


While I think the above are both very well executed, I just fail to
understand the jhereg-wings having all of those holes in the second
one.  I mean, why?

The following are all by someone called "Heidhra":





Vlad & Loiosh:


In the last one, if that loop of what looks like string is supposed to
be Spellbreaker, I nearly think he has it on the wrong hand.

To my personal taste, all of the above are far too effeminate; even
Vlad looks like a girl with a mustache, to my eyes.  But I understand
that some peoples' taste runs that way, so, oh well.  And they are
certainly well done as pieces of line-art.

This sketch of Loiosh as a baby jhereg will no doubt cause some people
to go awwww....


And lastly, a recoloured scan of the cover of /Phoenix/: