Today's magic lesson for an article on Dragaeran life, culture, and art.

Matthew Hunter matthew
Mon Oct 10 09:39:19 PDT 2005

On Sun, Oct 09, 2005 at 11:26:10PM -0400, FRIEDA2133 at aol.com wrote:
> "he, with great care, not wishing to embed himself into a solid
> piece of rock, nor to scatter himself to the six winds, bethought
> himself of an image of the door leading into Dzur Mountain that he 
> had first seen, closing his eyes until he was convinced he could
> see with all the clarity that he would have if he had been standing
> in front of it; then, drawing exactly enough energy, he executed 
> the teleport, becoming, in effect, non-existent for some few 
> seconds while he was in two places at once, and then, casting loose
> of his now tenuous grip on his position at Castle Black, permitted
> himself, not without a certain disorienting shift, to exist in the
> place he had seen with his mind's eye; he emerged, therefore, 
> outside of a particular door into Dzur Mountain.  The teleport was
> complete.
> Sethra Lavode, paperback, Chapter the Eighty-Fourth, page 192-193.

Hmm.  Does this mean that all Dragaereans capable of teleporting 
via sorcery are actually gods?  Or perhaps demons, if they can be 
controlled.  Or is Paarfi simply not a metaphysicist?