More Dragaera Art, Pro and Amateur

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Wed Oct 12 19:19:09 PDT 2005

On 10/11/05, Noah Stacy <nstacy at cinci.rr.com> wrote:
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> >> Don't jhereg have 4 limbs, not six?  These sketches give them legs,
> >> "hands", and wings, while I think that they actually only have legs
> >> and wings, which they sometimes use in an approximation of hands.
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> > You are entirely correct regarding the notional anatomy of jhereg, but
> > you must keep in mind that artists, professional and otherwise, rarely
> > if ever consult with the writer before creating their art.
> >
> > Indeed, there is only one counter-example that I can think of who has
> > created Dragaeran art to SKZBs specifications; as I hope you recall.
> Say, would you mind posting that one? A friend of mine (not on the
> list) hasn't seen it, and I'd like to show him.

[copy and paste is our friend]

The artist who has done the most to portray the animals of Brust's
Dragaeran Cycle is Kathy Grantham (she who was once named Kathy
Marschall - you may notice a certain similarity between that name and
another name from one of the books; this is not a coincidence) (and
if you have access to /Brokedown Palace/ or the original Ace edition
of /Yendi/, check the signatures on the maps in each of those).

Here is what she has done:


Dzur Mountain (including an actual dzur):





Note that the jhereg doesn't look much like the one on the bookcovers,
but is reportedly closer to SKZB's actual mental image.

Note also that the orca only superficially resembles an Earth orca,
which I believe is a strong indication that they are completely
different native animals; see also the comments above the image.

Of course, now Steve may pipe up and say, "No, they're *evolved*
(or engineered by the Jenoine) from Earth orca; it has been a long
time for that species, after all".  So what do I know?

By the way, Steve, you once mentioned in an interview having some
Dragaeran art by Kathy over your desk, or something like that -
any chance we could get a glimpse of it?  A thumbnail, even?