Allam, and Communism

Fri Oct 14 08:50:51 PDT 2005

>While we've never been told explicitly that Keiron's greatsword is or
>isn't a Morganti weapon (prerequisite to being a Great Weapon), I can't
>imagine the Gods would let him wander around the waiting room of
>unreincarnated with a soul-destroying weapon.  Even less likely they'd
>let him carry around a Great Weapon, which, let us recall, were made
>for purpose of killing the Gods.

The Gods are surprisingly tolerant when it comes to property ownership
rights. Verra knows exactly what Spellbreaker is when Vlad shows it to her.
She could have simply taken it from him. For that matter, if she'd asked him
to give it to her, he probably would have done so given the proper
convincing. Even when Vlad finally creates Godslayer, Verra reacts with a
certain amount of disgust but she doesn't strike Vlad down or otherwise try
to take it from him. 

A better question is whether a Great Weapon would allow itself to be taken
into the Paths by a dead soul.

The Lords of Judgement should be able to dispose of all of the Great
Weapons, yet they haven't done so, Godslayer being the sole exception. On
the one hand, this is because they are subverting their original purpose by
using them to protect Dragaera from the Jenoine. To the left, it may also be
that they are incapable of disposing of them after all. The best they could
do with Godslayer was to decompose it into its component parts and separate
them. One has to wonder why they didn't send it into another dimension or at
least place the knife and the chain in a vault in the Paths for safe
keeping. (Then again, time does weird things around the Gods and the Serioli
think in a strange "trans-temporal" frame of reference so maybe from a
mortal's point of view, Godslayer has only just now been created and its
destruction happens some time in the future.)

Kieron's Greatsword has never been described as Morganti and Vlad has been
around it many times. Every time Blackwand or Pathfinder are drawn, he
reminds us how unpleasant an experience it is to be near them. (Hmmm, this
may put a damper on any possible reconciliation between Vlad and Cawti...)
We've never heard any such description for the Greatsword. It's primarily a
symbol, with whatever power any sword gains from being wielded by a
legendary historical figure and whatever magic was imbued into it at the
time it was forged.