What makes a Great Weapon great?

Tue Oct 18 06:46:22 PDT 2005

dragaera-bounces at dragaera.info wrote on 10/14/2005 09:01:12 PM:

> On 10/14/05, Louis Eastman <almagaiz at gmail.com> wrote:
> > A Great Weapon's field of dread or whatever is much more noticeable 
> > many, many Morganti
> > weapons; when Vlad was in Baritt's morganti room he is very 
> > but not as uncomfortable as Iceflame, Pathfinder, and Blackwand out at 
> > same time apparently causes him severe distress. I believe owning a 
> > Weapon would nullify these feelings.
> I believe the Morganti weapon-room "still" gives him nightmares; a
> much stronger reaction even than three simultaneously-drawn Great
> Weapons.
> Max

if this is in reference to the part i think it's in reference to (i'm 
starting to mix up different parts of the books, i think it may be time to 
read them again, darn), i thought vlad couldn't even go into that room 
without daymar's help.  didn't daymar shield him somehow and then he was 
able to stand going into the room?  it was still uncomfortable, but not