What makes a Great Weapon great?

Tue Oct 18 07:00:25 PDT 2005

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>Subject: Re: What makes a Great Weapon great?
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>dragaera-bounces at dragaera.info wrote on 10/14/2005 09:01:12 PM:
> > On 10/14/05, Louis Eastman <almagaiz at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > A Great Weapon's field of dread or whatever is much more noticeable
> > > many, many Morganti
> > > weapons; when Vlad was in Baritt's morganti room he is very
> > > but not as uncomfortable as Iceflame, Pathfinder, and Blackwand out at
> > > same time apparently causes him severe distress. I believe owning a
> > > Weapon would nullify these feelings.
> >
> > I believe the Morganti weapon-room "still" gives him nightmares; a
> > much stronger reaction even than three simultaneously-drawn Great
> > Weapons.
> >
> > Max
>if this is in reference to the part i think it's in reference to (i'm
>starting to mix up different parts of the books, i think it may be time to
>read them again, darn), i thought vlad couldn't even go into that room
>without daymar's help.  didn't daymar shield him somehow and then he was
>able to stand going into the room?  it was still uncomfortable, but not

Yes, Daymar needed to shield Vlad.