Sethra's House(s)

Wed Oct 19 07:17:20 PDT 2005

It's also possible that considering Sethra's great age, she was born  
before the social stigma of being a half-breed were fully developed.  
So, by the time Dragons and Dzur were rejecting half-breeds, Sethra  
was already established as a member of both.

Or, alternatively, she could have suffered from the stigma, but  
overcame it through accomplishments. Since apparently the gods are  
considered part of all Houses (see: Aliera's ancestry), perhaps being  
offered godhood means that people aren't going to object if you want  
to claim two Houses.

Or perhaps both -- the stigma was lesser during the founding of the  
Empire, and Sethra was able to overcome it through her own  

Any discrimination based on half-breed status would add a new twist  
to Sethra's relationship with Dolivar and the founding of House Jhereg.

-- Rebecca Harbison

On Oct 19, 2005, at 10:06 AM, Jose Marquez wrote:

> Matthew Walsh wrote:
>> On Oct 17, 2005, at 7:12 AM, Steven Hall wrote:
>>> "Consider those you know of who were once your family, and those  
>>> who mattered to you in a time too faded in the mist for you to  
>>> imagine, much less remember. Kieron is now, and remains in the  
>>> Paths of the Dead awaiting his moment. I, who had some importance  
>>> in the tribe, am here, watching the Great Weapons, observing the  
>>> Jenoine, listening to the gods, and trying to see that nothing  
>>> upsets the balance."
>>> It also seems that Sethra might have been in the Tribe of the  
>>> Dragon, even though in Taltos Morrolan says Sethra went over  
>>> Deathgate as a Dzur. *shrug*
>> Well, we do know that  it's possible to join the House of the Dzur  
>> by defeating 17 heroes in single combat, right?  So maybe Sethra's  
>> genetically a Dragon but chose Dzur-dom.  (Hm.  Is "dual  
>> citizenship" -- membership in multiple Houses -- possible?  Mellar  
>> specifically renounced his membership in the Dzur when he returned  
>> to the Jhereg, IIRC, and the Jhereg are sort of a special case in  
>> any event.  Vlad's reaction in Taltos -- "I thought she was a  
>> Dragon" -- suggests otherwise, but this could be one of those  
>> things that people don't talk about... at least, not to Vlad.)
>> If there is no dual citizenship, why might Sethra have left the  
>> Dragons?  The Lavodes' meeting in Chapter 30, FHYA might offer a  
>> clue to that; one of them (Roila?) mentioned that many of the  
>> corps chose to join the Lavodes as a way to avoid (or escape from)  
>> conflicts between duty and loyalty/friendship, right?  Possibly  
>> that's a tradition that started with their Captain, who left her  
>> very House as the only escape from an unwelcome conflict...?
> Mellar may not be the best example for determining the existence of  
> dual citizenship; he specifically renounced his  membership in the  
> Dzur to return to the Jhereg all as part of his plan to embarrass  
> the house. If he joins the Jhereg without renouncing citizenship,  
> they may or may not kick him out, but after he beats their 17  
> heroes, it's like he's spitting in their face to say "I'm not a  
> Dzur, I'm a Jhereg".
> Sethra's been described as having physical characteristics of both  
> Dragons and Dzur, so she may be the exception, the half-breed that  
> is not only tolerated but welcomed (at least before her being  
> undead banned her from the court, before Zerika's reign). However,  
> her going over the Falls as a Dzur certainly suggests that as her  
> "final" citizenship...
> Jose